Stronger Together // Limited-Edition Linocut Print

This piece. This piece has been a labor of love. A labor of love that sat in my sketchbook for over a year. Growing, evolving, and waiting.

This piece is the representation of all of the things my heart has been aching for.

Unity. Kindness. Compassion. Sympathy. Support. Love.

Let’s reach out to care for one another despite our differences. Let’s reach out to care for one another even if we don’t agree. Let’s reach out to genuinely listen and try to understand. Let’s reach out to assume good in people instead of assuming the worst. Let’s reach out to those who need us to care for them and care about them. Let’s intentionally reach out to those that don’t look like us and think like us and believe like us in an effort to learn and grow in compassion.

Let’s reach out

because we are Stronger Together.

Anna TovarComment