October is Original Art Month!

We’re over half way through October.

How. Is. That. Even. Possible?

This year has flown by. The older I get, the faster time goes. Too fast. Way too fast.

But here we are. Half way through October, and this month is extra special because it’s Original Art Month!

Each October, and only in October, I offer up my original art for sale. This is specifically for those folks that appreciate one-of-a-kind and original art. If that’s you, please take a look around!

The House Plant Watercolor Series

I love, love, love painting with watercolors. As much as I’ve been swept away by linocut printmaking, I still also have a passion for my beloved watercolors. I personally feel like I can work in both mediums and still have a cohesive collection of work, and so I’m pursuing just that.

My latest watercolor series combines simple geometric compositions with delicate and intricate paintings of some of my favorite house plants.

I try to work under the motto of “paint what you know,” so I’ve only included plants that I have and take care of in my own home. It helps me to feel a connection to the paintings and makes me more excited to share them with you.

The Hawaiian TI plant that I’ve shown above is a plant that I inherited when my Grandmother recently passed away. Knowing that it came from her home and that I now get to take care of it makes it one of my favorite house plants.

And my monstera came from a visit to El Paso, TX a couple of years where we got to spend time with my sister and her family.

You can find each piece available in my shop in a couple of sizes!

Hurricane Harvey Support


If you've been looking for a way to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey, then look no further! Through Friday, September 8th, at 11:59pm, 100% of sales from my Texas print will be donated to Save The Children. They are an organization that is providing supplies and services to help children and families in shelters and other victims of Hurricane Harvey. Feel free to share this email with your friends and family so that we can donate as much money as possible!

Thank you all for your support,


I mentioned in a previous post that I am working on practicing making art on a more frequent basis. Even if it has nothing to do what I am currently working on for my art to sell or if it is a total departure from "my style". Just practice. Practice. Practice. 

Here are some exercises in "practicing":


One of my favorite things about the Birthstone pieces is that they are so versatile. Sure, there's a natural implication that they should be used to celebrate a birth, but really they can celebrate any special day in your life! Since they're fully customizable, you can use them for wedding or anniversary gifts and include the couple's names and wedding date on the piece. You can use them for graduation days or to honor the start of an important phase of life. The list goes on, but you get the point. Hannah Higgins did a beautiful job demonstrating the impact of using them for a wedding month, and I'm in awe of her talent. Check her out. You won't be disappointed.