The House Plant Watercolor Series

I love, love, love painting with watercolors. As much as I’ve been swept away by linocut printmaking, I still also have a passion for my beloved watercolors. I personally feel like I can work in both mediums and still have a cohesive collection of work, and so I’m pursuing just that.

My latest watercolor series combines simple geometric compositions with delicate and intricate paintings of some of my favorite house plants.

I try to work under the motto of “paint what you know,” so I’ve only included plants that I have and take care of in my own home. It helps me to feel a connection to the paintings and makes me more excited to share them with you.

The Hawaiian TI plant that I’ve shown above is a plant that I inherited when my Grandmother recently passed away. Knowing that it came from her home and that I now get to take care of it makes it one of my favorite house plants.

And my monstera came from a visit to El Paso, TX a couple of years where we got to spend time with my sister and her family.

You can find each piece available in my shop in a couple of sizes!

Anna TovarComment