When I’m working on a print, I always mix a custom ink color (unless I’m using black) for the print. When I’m done printing, there is always a little bit of ink left on the plate. It’s not enough to make another large print out of, but it’s enough to make a handful of little prints out of.

That little bit of leftover ink inspired me. Instead of watching it wash down the drain, I could create little mini-prints to include with each order. I could even use the chunky scraps of linoleum that I cut away to create the block with.

It’s a win-win. I don’t feel like I’m being wasteful, and you get a nice little surprise with your package! So now, with every single order that I send out, a surprise 4x6 print will be included with the receipt. They are all hand printed by me and sent with lots of love and appreciation to you.

yellow plant.jpg
black plant process.jpeg
black plant.jpeg
purple plant.jpeg

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