For a long time I had no desire to make greeting cards. People would see my prints and say things like "I wish this was a card!" or "Have you thought about making these into cards?". My answer was always no for a few reason, but the main reason was that I didn't make those paintings to be cards. I made them to hang on your walls, and it just didn't feel right to deviate from that. 

Fast forward many years and block printing has me singing a very different tune. BUT the difference is that this does feel right. The whole greeting card thing is a part of what I was talking about in my last post - about how I'm bursting with ideas and inspiration for new products. 

I still plan on making new art pieces that I hope have the opportunity to grace your walls, so don't you worry about that! I just have some exploring to do for a bit.

So, up first... Otomi Greeting Cards! I'm thrilled to present them to you and certainly hope that you love them as much as I do. As usual, I sourced very high quality paper and envelopes for these, and the richness of the color in person is unreal. So take a look around and ENJOY!!! 

Anna TovarComment