Are you taking custom orders? I am not currently taking any custom orders, but if that changes, I will first make an announcement on Instagram.

If I live in or near Denton, can I pick up my order? Yes! Use the code DIMEPICKUP at checkout, and I will deliver your order to The DIME Store for pick up at your convenience. 

Do you do wholesale? Yes! Please visit our wholesale page to find out more information. 

Where did you learn how to paint and what is your motivation? I attended the University of North Texas and graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, which is where I received the bulk of my training. At the time, I was solely focused on photorealistic drawings, oil paintings, and watercolors. Since graduation, my work has evolved tremendously. I've since picked up calligraphy, and the work I'm doing now is much simpler, but still equally thoughtful. I'm increasingly conscious of working with materials and subject matters that I am familiar with. Each painting/calligraphy piece has a story or meaning behind it that is personal to me, which keeps my work honest and purposeful. 

Where do you have your art printed? We are actually an in-home studio and do all of the printing ourselves. In that, we are able to have full control of the quality of the materials and printing techniques and are able to offer you archival-quality prints. 

Can I use your photos or content? Please don't take any images without permission. You can go to our Contact page to email us for permission.